About Omegamann:


Omegamann's background is in arboriculture by trade. Being a certified arborist and tree climber for 26 years has given him a unique advantage in terms of understanding the dynamics of rope, everything from from construction, loading limits, wear and tear, all the way to applicable rigging systems. Omegamann plays with rope all day everyday, and has developed the purest of love for rope. You might say rope is his life and has been for the last 26 years. And that's just at work!

Omega first saw a suspension at a local club in Atlanta where he met a local rigger named Tat. Soon after he became very interested in this style of rope and having the rigging background he found it easy to understand the concepts  for the erotic bondage rigging systems he saw being built. Admittedly,it was nothing like the rigging he was used to, which made it all the more intriguing. Omega's mechanical brain would not allow for not learning this. He has since become a fairly proficient rigger of people.

The same can be said for making rope. Early on after purchasing a few terrible kits of rope at high prices. He decided, I can make this, and so he did! From that point on he has never bought rope! Lot's of time and experimentation went into creating for his own use, what was his perfect rope! It was not long before a friend wanted some, and then another, and so on.

Many different techniques, trials and errors, bugs, fixes were used in just finding the perfect way to make rope. Frustration and disappointment were not an uncommon feeling in the beginning. His unwillingness to settle for less than the best he could make, is what has carried him so far in the world of bondage rope.